Social Media Strategy 101

Learn the Basics of Social Media Strategy and Algorithms.

This Course will give you the foundations of social media strategy, planning, and working with the algorithms to increase your business' profit.
It is available to you immediately, and is about an hour to an hour and a half of rock-solid, fast-paced content!

“Haley’s book, site, and groups have really given me a lot to think about and work on with my own business. She provides insightful answers, thought-provoking questions, and encouragement.”

“I found Haley on the internet whilst searching for solutions on how to grow my business. I contacted her and it has been a wonderful relationship ever since. Haley gave me courage to go out and meet potential clients encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone (being the shy person I am) to call on potential clients. Haley has been nothing but supportive of my business. She is always willing to answer questions that I have, recommend professionals to assist in whatever capacity that is needed. I’ll email her at 10pm and she will respond. She keeps telling me it will take time and not to give up. I truly enjoy working with her.”

“Before working with Haley, my group was literally gathering dust and I just didn’t want to spend ages googling for advice or spend money on yet another online course.

Haley is just really hands on with practical and tested advice and knows how it works. Plus I really enjoy her personality, so it was a joy talking with her.

If you want someone who is kind, but also down to earth and business savvy, then you need Haley. She is a business machine!”

Christine H.
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Social Media Strategy 101
Haley Lynn Gray, MBA
Haley is the founder of the Women's Entrepreneur Network, a group of over 72000 members and is recognized as one of the industry-leading experts in the field of Social Media. 
Tested Strategies
Well-tested, and up-to-date strategies to manage your social media accounts, and work with the algorithms.

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